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  Before you get started

The exercises in this section of the course are meant to act as tests your horse should be able to pass before even trying to load onto a trailer.

Trailer training begins away from the trailer through confidence building, improving coordination, and refining your communication with your horse.

Before you attempt to load your horse onto any trailer, test them out with these five simple exercises. As you go through the exercises you will learn how to communicate more clearly with your horse, and your horse will learn to have more confidence in you as a leader.

Remember, the same way you must remain patient when working at the trailer, you must also remain patient through these exercises. Reward your horse for the try, and strive to always improve your timing for releasing pressure and providing positive reinforcement.

Before you begin these exercises, you should be able to use LIGHT pressure to back your horse, move her hindquarters and shoulders and ask your horse to begin moving forward. If that foundation is not there, you will not be ready to focus on the refinement necessary to complete these exercises. Each step your horse takes will become more relaxed and balanced as you work through the exercises.